Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hudson is FIVE!

Yesterday, this precious boy of mine turned F--I--V--E!!!
And let me tell you, I don't think there has ever, EVER been anyone more excited about turning a year older than Hudson was.
It wasn't the cake,  the presents, or the party he was anticipating. 
No, it was the fact that he was FINALLY going to be the same age as Sophie;)
He actually put on his pajama's at 3 o'clock the day before his birthday and ASKED if he could go to bed. When I asked him why, he told me he just wanted to go to sleep so he could wake up in the morning and be five like Soph.
Bless his sweet little heart;)

And even though our little family wasn't all together (the bigs are in Michigan AND Shane's in Florida this week) to celebrate, I think Hudson's day was special none-the-less!
I seriously CANNOT think of a sweeter way for Hudson to spend the day than with his
cousins. These six little ones are a handful, for sure, but they LOVE each other so much, and are the absolute BEST of FRIENDS!  
They giggle, they run, they play, they chat, they hug, they quarrel, and, yes, they can cause some major drama;)
But one thing is for sure, they ALWAYS have a BLAST being together;)
Yesterday, we spent the entire day with our cousins at Dan Nicholas Park. 
This little park is just over an hour away from our house, but totally worth the drive. 
With train rides, a carousel, mini zoo, raptor center, and gem mine...this place is a "must do" on our spring break list every year. 
Not to mention that all of the above is SUPER DUPER cheap too.
Like only a dollar (or less) per ticket--per kid.
Super CHEAP and SUPER fun.
It's a win---win!
It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside, but the weather was a bit on the cool side. 
  I think the cooler temps kept people away though, because we basically had the entire park to ourselves. 
After a full day at the park, we waved goodbye to our cousins and then headed to Hudson's FAVORITE restaurant for dinner.
Our precious friends, the Robinson's met us at Mario's Pizza and helped us celebrate Hudson's birthday over dinner and dessert. 
 What a SWEET way to end a great day!
And this birthday boy can rest assured, because Sophie has already graciously volunteered to teach him all he needs to know about what it's like to be FIVE;)
He'll be learning from the best!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Break, part 1

It's been really different not having the BIG boys home this week. The littles have kept me busy, for sure, but I really miss my sweet boys!!
 They are having a BLAST though, and judging from all the pictures and texts I've received, they may NEVER want to come home! 
They've enjoyed a visit to the chocolate factory, miniature golf, a Tigers game, and even saw SNOW!!! Not to mention the endless amounts of ping-pong, card games, and board games they've played.
And according to my grandpa, Riley has been crowned the the monopoly CHAMP this week;)
 Saturday, I ran in the Charlotte Racefest Half-Marathon! It was a beautiful race and the weather was just PERFECT! My finishing time was 1:52, which was a new record for me.  My goal was to finish it in under two hours, and thanks to my wonderful training partners, I was able to do it;) I LOVE these ladies sooo much and am so thankful for their friendship! We've covered a LOT of miles together!!!!!!
Monday morning, this sweet girl had her Kindergarten check-up. She was very anxious about it, but did GREAT. Everything looks good and she is now officially ready for school. 
Poor thing had to get TWO shots though, but it was nothing that a "peeps" dunkin' donut couldn't make better!
 After donuts, we met my sister and her gang at the park. It was such a gorgeous day, we just had to get out and enjoy it!
 These sweet cousins just LOVE each other, and I'm so thankful for this week, where being together is what it's all about!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Playin' Hooky

On Friday, I decided to let the BIG boys kick off their spring break a day early. 
 Since they are spending their week off traveling to Michigan with my parents, I really wanted to squeeze in a day of fun with them before they left. 
 I allowed them to play hooky from school on Friday, but didn't let them in on my little plan:)
I wanted them to totally be surprised. 
 They slept in on Friday morning, so when they woke up to the sunshine pouring in through their bedroom window, they were quite confused. 
 Riley was convinced it was Saturday...and Corban thought we somehow overslept.
I let them flounder just a bit before telling them the news.
 When they finally found out that they didn't have to go to school that day, they were ecstatic! 
 So instead of school....we spent the entire day together at Discovery Place! 
We had the BEST time ever...and it was such a fun way to kick start our break.

Well, the BIG boys are on their way to Michigan now, and so the littles and I are on our own this week. It'll be really quiet different not having the boys around, but I have no doubt that the little ones will keep me entertained.
Not too mention that a certain little boy will turn the big FIVE this week.
And...he's just a little excited to once again be the same age as his sister;)
Five months out of the year Sophie and Hudson are the same age.

AND the other seven months...

well--those are spent contemplating HOW and WHEN he will be the same age as his sister again. 

Well...this is the week he finally catches her, 
and he is counting down the days/hours/minutes/seconds;)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sophie's Egg Hunt

 On Wednesday morning, while the other kids were in school, Hudson and I joined Sophie for her class picnic and Easter egg hunt.
Hudson has really missed Sophie this year while she's been at school, so he couldn't wait to spend the morning with her and her friends at the egg hunt.
 The weather was beautiful and it was the perfect day for an outside SPRING party.
The kids had so much fun hunting for all the hidden eggs and couldn't wait to open each one up and find the treasure inside. 
Sophie has been blessed with two of the sweetest teachers EVER this year. I can't believe the year is almost over though, and in just a few short months she will be on her way to KINDERGARTEN!!!!

Hudson's Firetruck Room

 After almost a year and a half of sleeping in Sophie's room, Hudson was thrilled to be in his own room again. He LOVES his firetruck bedroom and is so proud of it!!! 
 Shane made Hudson's bed and even attached two flashing firetruck lights to the top of the headboard. Hudson sleeps with those flashing lights on EVERY single night!
The bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids, but I actually bought it off of Craigslist.
I got the bedding, sheets, night side stand, coat rack, picture, and several other "fire fighter" themed nick-knacks all for less than $100. 
 A steal of a deal, right?!?;)
 The wall decal is from this shop on etsy! I love it and it was soooo easy to put up. It was just the love this BIG wall needed. 
Shane promised to buy Hud a real ax to hang on this wall as well, but I'm a little nervous about what a (soon-to-be) five year old little boy could do with an ax in his room-ha;)

Oh, and bc you asked...the girls monogram decal was from etsy can be found at this store!

Monday, April 7, 2014

A SUPER Saturday

 Saturday was just the most beautiful day EVER. We had lots of outside things planned, so it was such a blessing that the weather cooperated. I'm getting ready to run a half marathon next weekend with some friends, and we had 12 miles to crank out first thing Saturday morning. It was a great run and our fingers are crossed for that same kind-of run on race day;)
After my run, we headed over to Corban's soccer game. It was a real nail biter, but thankfully his team was able to walk away with the WIN! 
After the game, we made our way over to my niece, Makayla's, 6th birthday party. 
The party was held at a park in our area.
 This particular park just happens to be my kids very favorite place to hang out right now.
  We've been spotted there a ton since the weathers been nice. 
It could not have been a prettier day for an outside party. The kids had an absolute blast running around and playing with their cousins.
And if you can't tell from the pictures above... Shane was having quite the time too;)
The party was made complete with an egg hunt and CRAZY silly string war. 
And after such a busy day, you can be sure that bath and bed time came calling very early on Saturday night. 
I know these kiddo's are super excited SPRING is finally here and can't wait to spend more time enjoying the beautiful sunshine!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Girls New Room

 The bedroom situation in this house has been in limbo for quite a while now. When we came home from China with AK, the plan was for Sophie and AK to share a room immediately.  Well, that transition didn't go quite as smoothly as we hoped. The girls had a really hard time settling down at night. They would play and talk in their room for HOURS. On top of that, AK was/is a really early riser (like 5:30am She thought Sophie should also be up at that time too. UGH!
So...the girls being together lasted only about one week. We did some room shuffling and ended up moving Hudson in with Sophie, and Addy-Kate moved into Hud's room.  Hudson wasn't too thrilled about sleeping in Sophie's pink girly room, OR giving up his fire truck room for his new sister, but it was the only option we really had.
 Fast forward about a year and a half later and
 Shane and I decided it was time to try the girls together once again. 
Hudson was BEGGING for his firetruck room back, and we were all ready for a more permanent sleeping arrangement.
The upstairs was in dire need of a paint job as well, so if we were going to paint, we might as well move the kids into the right space again.
We did some switching around and Sophie and AK moved into Hud's old room, and Hud got Sophie's old room. Now the girls have a bathroom that's just there's, and the boys share the jack and jill bath. 

I had a total blast re-doing the bed rooms. 
 I especially enjoyed decorating S and AK's new room! They both had a say in the colors we used   and HOT PINK was an absolute must;)
I think it turned out so cute and now has such a BIG girl feel to it.
The gold polka-a-dot ceiling is probably my favorite part of the entire room;)
 The curtains are made from a white queen sheet I picked up at the goodwill. To make them pop a little, I added some pink pom pom trim to the edge.
So CHEAP and so fun!
I knew I wanted pink and blue bedding for the girls bunk beds, but had a really hard time finding something that I liked AND didn't cost a fortune. Then I stumbled upon some hot pink comforters and thought they might work. They were very simple, but I thought I could dress them up a bit with fabric and throw pillows. I found some blue and white chevron fabric at Hobby Lobby that matched the walls perfectly. I also found some coordinating peacock fabric that I thought would work beautifully in the room as well.
The bed skirt and bed scarf was just what that plain ole' comforter needed;)
And, of course, nothing is complete with out a monogram;)
I ordered that from etsy;)
 The walls are decorated with simple collages and the chandelier was a steal of a deal from Ikea;)
 The "You are so loved" pillow was a splurge from society6, but when I saw it... I knew it would make the perfect addition to their room;)
My girls also have a TON of stuffed animals they sleep with each night, but I didn't want them left out cluttering up their beds each day. I decided to make a HUGE pouch that ties on to the end of Sophie's top bunk. Each morning, when the girls make their beds, they stuff their furry friends back into the pouch. It has definitely helped the room look more tidy and organized. 
The BEST part of the whole room is that the girls LOVE it. They really enjoy being together again, and many of the issues we were having before have taken care of themselves. 
They still talk each night, but don't get each other worked up like before.
As they grow, I know that many MANY late night talks will happen with in those four walls of their room. 
They are such sweet sisters and I pray they will forever be the BEST of friends!!!