Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Crooked Creek Park

 Summer days are THE absolute BEST!!! The kids and I have enjoyed our break immensely and have tried to make the most of EVERY single minute! 
We know it's coming to an end all too soon, so we'll continue to soak up each moment.  
Yesterday, the kids and I hit up Crooked Creek Park. 
It's a new park in our town and many of our friends have said it's AWESOME! We were told it was a perfect place for both big and the littles alike!
That's been one of my challenges this summer...keeping the BIG boys happy and entertained, as well as the littles. 
Corban and Riley are usually great sports and go along with just about anything we do, but I know they don't get as excited about a day at the park anymore like the littles do.  

 However, a day at the park followed by a stop at Wendy's for frosty's
 is a win-win for the ENTIRE crew! 
 Yup...smiles ALL around! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Aloha! A Family Luau...

So get ready for lots and lots of picture;) Considered yourself warned;) 
Last Saturday night, our family gathered at our home for a fun Hawaiian Luau! 
We had an absolute BLAST!!!! 
The only thing that would have made it better is if we ALL really were in Hawaii together,
 and not just in our backyard! HA!
From the food, to the music, to the games....everything screamed ALOHA! 

Doing the LIMBO!!
(Oh...and check out my mom in her Hawaiian muu muu! She is the BEST) 
Addy-Kate had so much FUN!


Sweet baby Emery!
LOVE this girl!
Sweet Cousins!
Parker...bowling with coconuts!

And our night would not have been complete with out a little Hula dancing!
And make no mistake...these peeps have got some moves.
So thankful for my fun loving family! 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lake Fun

We were beyond blessed to spend a weekend visiting our sweet friends, the Howard's, at their lake house. 
With our fishy cupcakes ready...
we were off for some FUN in the SUN!
Our friends are always so gracious to host our crew
 and the kids always have the BEST time hanging out together! 
The weather screamed "summer" as temps climbed into the mid 90's,
but that just made our time on the lake that much more enjoyable.
My kids absolutely LOVE the water and thoroughly enjoy every water activity possible.
Boating, Tubing, Swimming, Fishing, and Jet Skiing...
What ever it was...they were willing and ready!

We are so grateful for our precious friends, AND (most importantly) for the time and sweet memories we made with them over the weekend!!!!